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Mega Pongo



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Taking Pong to New Places

MegaPongo is a smartly designed, durable, open source, all-in-one beer pong set that collapses for carrying to the size of a case of beer.

Backboards and Ball Collection

MegaPongo has added backboards and ball collection to its game units so there’s less chasing balls all over the place.

Open Source Beer Pong

As “open source” beer pong, MegaPongo allows you to play traditional 10-Cup or discover your own games.

You get two 19-cup game boards, 40 target cups, 2 clear backboards, 2 collection cups, 12 ping pong balls, plus ball bags, cup holders, and sturdy metal legs. Set up takes less than a minute.

This is one of the greatest, most fun and versatile pong games out there!! You can play standard pong games or get creative and develop your own pong game.  With Mega Pongo you can truly become a ‘megapong’ master!!!  Order your set  TODAY!!


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