Stevie’s 5 Point Washers

Stevie’s 5 Point Washers is a portable table top game made for indoor or outdoor play. Ideally suited for the tailgate party before the game or the backyard picnic. Small enough to take camping, attractive enough for the home game room.

The Rules

How To Play Stevie’s 5 Point Washers 

  1. Each player will throw 3 washers at the scoring board.
  2. There are 3 holes in the scoring board. The first hole is scored 1 point, second hole 3 points and the third hole (farthest hole) is 5 points.
  3. To determine who throws first, players flip a coin. Winner goes last. The player who throws last has the advantage especially in later rounds because of the ability to cancel opponents score.
  4. Player who scores goes first in the next round. If more than one player scores, the player with the highest points goes first.
  5. Player 2 cancels any washers scored by player 1 by putting a washer on top of washers in any hole. In this case both players shots are cancelled. However, a subsequent throw in the same hole is scored for player 2.
  6. If no players scores during a round then the “Hammer” (last thrower) switches. In other words, if no one scores the last shooter is now first. If a player knocks an opponent’s washer into a scoring hole the points count for the opponent.
  7. Washers that bounce in from the side wall, gutter or just roll in count. Players stand and throw from a line drawn at 6 feet from the front of the target board.
  8. Players’ foot should not be on or over the 6 foot line. Reaching over the line is allowed.
  9. Winner of the game is the first player to score 21 points without going over 21. If the player goes over 21 he must start over at how many points he went over 21.

EXAMPLE: A player has 19 points but scores 5 points for a total of 24. He has gone over by 3 points so he starts back at 3 points. Any player who goes over 21 for a second time automatically forfeits the game and the other player wins by default.

If a player scores 21 points and still has  washers to play, he must throw the remaining washers which must contact any part of the carpeted surface. If the washers fail to contact the carpeted surface then deduct from players score any points scored in that round.

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