Inside Tailgating Special Event Preview: The Masters of Beer Pong – Las Vegas, NV

Are you looking for a party?  Are you looking for a party with magical unicorns, giant bananas, go-go dancers, and other assorted characters sporting various accoutrements?  Look no further, BPONG will be hosting its’ newest and greatest beer pong tournament to date at The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas July 1st – 3rd.
The Masters of Beer Pong is beyond legit and if you don’t have an unbelievably good time at this three day beer pong party then you simply have no idea how to have a good time….which is an even better reason to get out to Vegas in two weeks!!

bponggirlsThere is $100,000+++ in total prize money at stake here people, so wipe your balls, polish up your game, lean in and follow through, do whatever you have to do to make it out to the desert for this intense and rapidly growing phenomenon known as beer pong.  Hundreds of teams from all around the world will be competing for three straight days.  bpongtwitterParticipants are guaranteed at least 12 games per team and if you can manage to ‘survive and advance’ through this pong de force tournament you will get even more action coming your way than you could ever possibly imagine.  Teams show out and represent in their very own unique fashions and styles, making this event a spectacle within a spectacle.  The simple fact that this pong party is being held in FUNtown, USA absolutely solidifies the Masters of Beer Pong as an absolute no brainer.  Time is running out, so be sure to sign your team up TODAY!!  This could very well be the most epic weekend of beer pong in the history of epic beer pong weekends….





The next BPONG event is the WSOBP IX at The Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on January 1st -5th, 2014….be sure to visit BPONG.COM today and get signed up for some ‘suds and fun’ in the sun!!!


-Thrilla the Gorillabpongmaus