What Makes us Play Tailgating Games??

All of us have ventured out to either a Concert, Football Game, Race or some other kind of public gathering where we sat around and threw some bags or some other Tailgating Game. Most of us have taken that game and made it part of our Tailgating Lifestyle and routine. The question is…what is it about Tailgating Games that attracts us and keeps us captivated? Is it the actual game or is it our nature that keeps us playing year after year?

Some of us love the social interaction, some of us love the fact that it’s a great way to compete in a small way while our athletically competitive years are beyond us, and let’s face it…some of us just like the fact that we can play while drinking. Tailgating games tend to give us the feeling that we are part of the experience in a tactile way. The players, drivers, musicians etc…are performing for Thousands and Tailgating games allow us to “perform” as well. Maybe in some small way these games are our way of being part of the show.

Perhaps most of us simply cannot just sit placidly and watch the events. Maybe we all have some need to be performers. Think about the amount of time and dollars spent on tickets, parking, setting up Tailgating Spot, preparing food, buying games etc… Most people aren’t willing to participate in such a committed way. Most folks would rather plop down on the couch when they have some time and watch their favorite events with varying levels of attentiveness. Those of us that love Tailgating have an intrinsic need to be a part of the action. Not just innocent bystanders, but active participants in the actual events.

How many of you have created games out of thin air? Been in your backyard as a kid or as an adult and found a way to compete with your friends? If we poll the folks that created Cornhole, Ladder Golf/MonkeyBall, My Pole-ish Horseshoes and asked them why they came up with their games in the first place do you think the original concept was to sell the games and to turn a profit, or was it to have fun competing with their friends and being a part of a community? Turning a profit is a great motive and the motive that drives this business like any other, but the question is what was the original thought? Odds are…profit was an afterthought.