Monkeyball World Championships 2011

Inside Tailgating is always on the lookout for events that involve the Tailgating Lifestyle. One of the reasons the American Tailgating League created MegaGate was to give the folks that love the Tailgating Lifestyle an avenue to compete in the games that coincide with said Lifestyle. One of the groups that came out represent at MegaGate was a great group of guys from Michigan with their game Monkeyball. Well, this summer, the great folks involved with Monkeyball had their 7th World Championships. So you know we had to be there.

Andy Frushour is the man behind the scenes with Monkeyball.  He and a few cohorts put together a funny and creative video series breaking down the brackets for the World Championships. After watching their videos on Monkeyball TV, it struck Inside Tailgating that we needed a video answer so-to-speak.

Video done, it was time to head to the great state of Michigan. Staying at the MGM in Detroit seemed like a great idea at the time. Now with hindsight being 20/20 it’s easy to see that maybe gambling all night may not have been a good idea after all, but hey, how many people get to hang out in downtown Detroit right? Chuckles and under-your-breath disses you may insert here.

Well, the next morning came in a hurry. Off we were to the Lansing, MI area. I’m not saying it’s out in the middle of nowhere, but when you pass a billboard asking if you have too many bats in your home maybe you live out there.  Not kidding about the Bat Busters billboard by the way. Anyway, we make it just in time for the festivities. I will save you the story of our jaunt into the picturesque town of Diamondale. The only thing we noticed about the people in Michigan is that no one seems to know where anything out of their immediate area is. If an event is not happening right next to someone they have no idea what you are talking about. By the way, less than a mile away does not count as right next to you in Michigan.

Ok, once we arrived we were greeted with smiles and hospitality, and the fact that the tournament was starting. Warm-up time…who needs that? The Monkeyball guys were very smart in the set-up of the brackets. They had a separate bracket for their top 12 seeds. That way, those seeds did not run rough-shot through the other brackets. Allowing players like me to really enjoy playing through the brackets. One of Inside Tailgating’s players actually made it through his bracket and into the afternoon play. Rather shocking actually, but if you witnessed the training video, it would all make sense. Once into the afternoon session Inside Tailgating was quickly dispatched and took on the role of Monkeyball fan.

I could go on and on about how Andy Frushour finally was able to get the monkey off his back and the Commish won his own event. However, I will let them tell their own story. Once again though, we owe the fine folks at Monkeyball a sincere expression of our gratitude for allowing us to take part in their celebration of the Tailgating Lifestyle. It gave a renewed vigor for our search into the world of the Tailgating Lifestyle. Tailgate Forever!!